10 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Grooming your dog can be messy, difficult, and downright unpleasant, but it can be even worse for both you and your pup when you’re making mistakes without realizing it. Maybe you want to save some cash by doing the grooming yourself instead of relying on professionals. However, there’s a reason dog groomers get paid to […]

5 Eating Disorders That Affect Dogs

while eating disorders are well known in human beings, not many people realize about the eating disorders that have an effect on puppies. Animals have one of a kind reasons for having unusual ingesting conduct, but they can be simply as troubling for concerned canine proprietors. right here are six ingesting problems that affect puppies. […]

Puppy-specific food?

Question: Must all puppies eat “puppy food” or is it okay to just feed them larger servings of regular dog food? Answer: We would recommend feeding your puppy only regular dog food that is labeled “for all life stages.” This means that the food meets the nutrient requirements for standards of growth established by AAFCO (Association of American Feed […]

Food for puppies

Question: What am I buying when I pick up dog food labeled “for puppies?” Answer: Generally speaking, puppy food is higher in protein and enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fats essential for growth–that is, when compared to dog food made by the same manufacturer. Still, ingredients across brands can vary greatly.  CLICK: Find Best food For your […]

Puppy feeding tips

Since they’re just little dogs, puppies probably just need less food than most adult dogs, right? Wrong. Puppies need twice the energy intake of adult dogs and, depending on the breed, 25 to 30 percent of their diet should be protein. During the first few weeks of their life, puppies get all their nourishment from the mother. Generally, around […]