To process of being in heat or estrous cycle is a phenomenon during which cat remain sexually active and ready to mate. This is a normal process under the influence of hormones. It can be seen several times during a season.
This stage lasts for 7 but can exceed upto 14 days, your cat will come in to first heat after 9th months but some literature tells that first sign of heat can occur at 6th month of age.

Signs :

             Cat show unique type of signs during heat which will help you out in figuring your cat is in heat.

  • Extreme affection: Cat will move around you, will rub her body around you, rub her against furniture and other inanimate objects, will ask for your attention.
  • She will vocalized more than usual.
  • She will rolled her body on the floor.
  • When you will touch her from back, she will Raised her tail in the air
  • She Will ask to move outside, will usually depict behavior of sitting near to main gate(home entrances), where they can see male cat.
  • They will start urinating frequently, through urination they releases pheromones(hormones) which will attract male cats.

What to do in this condition?

       You should arrange a Tom for your cat if you want litter from her. But if you don’t want litter from your cat then the best procedure is go for Overiohysterectomy. After this surgery your cat will not come to heat again.

Some people suggest the use of injection for suppression of heat but they are highly dangerous don’t ever go for them they will cost you your cat’s life.

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Male Cats:

      When your little boy kitty reaches between 6 and 9 months of age, he will enter into puberty. While he won’t technically be considered an adult until he reaches 1 year old, he’ll still be able to reproduce with a female at this point.
          Although male cats do not go into heat. They also display very obvious signs of sexual maturity. One of the most common signs is persistent urine spraying. Male cats also wander around aimlessly in search of females. Another particularly frustrating sign of male cat puberty is extremely loud howling in order to lure in local females.

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