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Vetspk Common Goal Is To Offer You Cheap Rate Pet Laboratory Test In Lahore.


Laboratory diagnostics is important to us. Our various departments under veterinary management work together. Our professional pet laboratory test in Lahore provides a comprehensive pet health analysis report via field expert veterinarians and veterinary assistants. They have in-depth lab test experiences and committed to providing you excellent cheap rate pet lab tests on the same day.

State of the Art Pet Laboratory Test Services

Our in-house laboratory contains a wide range of analysis systems. They enable us to carry out a quick on-site inspection. Blood and urine samples are mostly analyzed for internal diseases. This helps us to identify the cause of various diseases more quickly and to choose a suitable therapy. We also perform a microscopic examination of tissue samples to differentiate benign from tumorous changes.

Tests We Offer

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Why Vetspk Pet Lab test in Lahore?

  • Proven lab test practice since 36 years
  • 24 hour lab test facility
  • 25 veterinarians with different specializations
  • Pet Lab Tests specialist employees
  • Experienced care team
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics & equipment
  • Loving and caring staff

We have state-of-the-art analysis equipment for pet lab test in Lahore so that we can collect the sample immediately from your doorstep. This saves time, especially for critically ill patients, and enables faster diagnosis. The laboratory is open 24 hours a day. Specially trained veterinary staff take over the operation, daily maintenance, and cleaning of the devices and the processing of the samples as well as quality control.

 Vetspk is responsible for the management of the laboratory. All trainees are also instructed in the handling of the machines. We process around 50 to 100 samples per week.

For more than three decades, Vetspk has been providing veterinary lab tests at the highest technical level. Being a leading online pet laboratory test company, we, therefore, place particular emphasis on careful, comprehensive pet lab test in Lahore.

We are committed to the health and care of your animal. Our clinic is interdisciplinary and can offer you the following services:

We Primarily Offer Pet Lab Test in Lahore Pakistan to Following Animals:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Small pets e.g. rabbit
  • Horse
  • Birds

Our Philosophy

In our team of specialists, we give particular importance to careful diagnostics and interdisciplinary collaboration. It provides the basis for the pet lab test in Lahore and specific therapy planning at the highest medical level. The well-being of our patients always comes first. The close cooperation with the referring veterinarians is particularly important for us. Another important part of our philosophy is the regular organization of seminars in our training center.