State of the Art Pet grooming services in Lahore, Pakistan

Your pet is Our Priority- Hire Professional Dog and Cat Grooming services at Home

“We treat your cat like a diva and your dog like a prince!”

What is Vetspk Pet Grooming?

As a trained vet grooming company, we look after and care for all types of pets including cats and dogs at your doorstep. You can find four pet grooming packages here that include:

  • Starter Package
  • Ticks and Fleas Package
  • Premium Package
  • King’s and Queen’s Package

Our Pet Grooming Services in Lahore Pakistan are here to cater your animal grooming needs. Whether it is an emergency situation or you want to go for a holiday season don’t forget to call us.

What are the advantages of Pet Grooming, pet care at home for cats and dogs?

Vetspk Pet grooming services in Lahore, Pakistan offers a relaxed alternative for animals. With an extensive animal care at home, you can stay calm and safe with your pet.

The pet care you trust!

  • Are you on vacation?
  • Are you very busy at work?
  • Do you simply not have the time to take care of your pet?
  • Do you need help cutting claws or grooming?
  • Did your animal have surgery and need special follow-up care?

As a trained dog and cat grooming company, we offer you support in many areas, competent and tailored to your animal’s requirement.


Medium Pet Grooming Package
Very Low Price Pet Grooming Package
Best Pet Grooming Package

Choose a Grooming Package that is a PERFECT fit for your pet!

What types of animals does the service include
All small animals such as:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbit
  • Birds

Behavior therapy (dog, cat)

Vetspk Pet Grooming Services in Lahore Pakistan specializes in behavior therapy.

 Behavioral therapy

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • small animals
  • Suitable for any kind of undesirable behavior (aggression, fear …)
  • Problem analysis
  • learning and frustration tests for objective assessment
  • training concept according to modern training methods
  • first training tasks including training plan

Why Us?

Our goal is to assist you in the care and preservation of physical and mental health of your animals. Simultaneously, our Pet grooming services in Lahore, Pakistan also ensure an improved quality of life for both pet and owner.