Best Way To Teach your Dog Tricks

9 Easiest Useful Dog Tricks that every pet owner can easily apply

Do you know Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks? Teaching your dog new tricks is a fun way to spend time together. Your dog can learn many different things. Why don’t you teach him a new trick?

When they get bored, they often develop unpleasant bad habits.  In addition to variety, dog tricks are also important for physical fitness and mobility. Every trick should be practiced step by step. First, lure it in a certain direction or posture with your hand or a treat. As soon as he starts to make the desired movement, you praise him. Over time, he can do the exercise better and more precisely. For Best Way to Teach your Dog Tricks think of a command that you clearly say during practice. The goal should be for your four-legged friend to do the dog trick can execute command or hand signal.

What should be considered when practicing dog tricks?

Every dog ​​has individual likes and dislikes. If your pet doesn’t like one routine, choose another. Unloved exercises don’t make you two happy. 

Trick 1: clapping / give me five

You can easily develop Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks technique by giving paws: clapping – also called “high five” or “give me five” – ​​differs primarily in that you do not hold your hand horizontally, but rather vertically. Then put his paw against the palm of your hand. You speak the command to which he should react. Practice until he listens to it independently.

Trick 2: quilting- Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks

If your dog knows how to give paws on both sides, you can teach them to step. All he has to do is understand that he should react to your leg movement. Let him take the sitting position and stand opposite. Raise one leg and use voice or light touch to encourage him to raise the opposite leg. If he reacts safely to the command with both front legs, you can practice a nice dance routine.

Trick 2: make males

Male making is one of the most popular Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks. During this exercise, your four-legged friend has to balance in the end position. It may take some time before he finds his balance and can make males. To practice the trick, let it sit and lure it up and back with one hand. So he shifts the balance to the hind legs and lifts his front legs. It is important that you do not hold your hand too high so that he does not try to get up from the sitting position.

Trick 4: role

Let your dog make room first. When it is completely still, you move the hand you want it to follow over its back in the direction it should roll. 

 Trick 5: rotate in a circle- Best Tricks to Teach Your Dog

In order for your four-legged friend to be able to practice this trick, they must first have learned to follow your hand or a lure. Then in the next step it is easy for you to move your hand or this object in a circle. After a complete circular movement is completed, you clearly say the word you chose as command and reward your dog for his performance.

Trick 6: slalom through the legs

By turning in a circle you can develop another popular Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks. Instead of running in a circular motion, run your hand through your legs with the bait or the treat. When your dog has run all the way through, reward him and take the next step. At the beginning, you should hold the lock hand close to the ground. Later, you can continue to sit up until you can do the trick in your normal walking posture.

Trick 7: jump through the arms

Kneel on the floor and form a circle with your arms. Your helper takes your dog on a leash, which he leads through your arm circle. If you give the command that you have selected for this trick, your helper tugs easily on the leash and lures the dog through your arms. As soon as your dog walks through a deep circle without hesitation, you can raise your arms higher.

Trick 8: crawl / seals: Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks

Let your dog make room for this trick as well and put a light hand on his back. With the other hand you lure him into a forward movement. Once it gets up, gently push it back into place. Every correct crawl movement is immediately rewarded. If he can do this exercise on a voice command, you can walk a few steps away and continue to seal from there. It is one of the Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks.

Trick 9: Balance and catch treats

A great dog trick for advanced users is balancing a treat on the nose and catching it on command. For this trick you have to practice catching first. Throw treats at your dog and give the command when throwing, which they should react to later. This exercise shows how skillful your four-legged friend is when it comes to catching. Then you practice balancing on the nose.  Gradually you let go of your dog’s head and extend the lying time. At the end you give the command that you practiced when catching and your dog can get the treat.

Conclude with a sense of achievement

Complete each exercise session with a sense of achievement. As I said, it doesn’t always have to go ahead. If your Best Way to teach your Dog Tricks is not working for a moment, stop in time: rather take a step back after three failed attempts. Your dog masters this step and you can reward him for this success and finish the exercise.

This will prevent your dog from giving up in exasperation and losing the pleasure of the trick. With the sense of achievement in memory, he will be happy to participate the next time. 


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