Bouts of sneezing and a runny nose are both sure signs your cat has caught a cold. When this happens us, we know exactly what to do: we grab a hot drink, wrap up in a blanket and make sure we have a year’s supply of tissues within arm’s reach. But when our cats are struck by the same plight, we’re not so sure how to proceed. Fear not! Read on and you’ll soon know exactly what to do the next time your cat falls ill.


For the most element, cats be afflicted by the equal cold symptoms as we do: watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, moderate fever, loss of urge for food and occasionally, though rarely, coughing. Colds are a sort of upper respiratory infection, which may be caused by bacteria or an endemic. they may be now not contagious for people, but can be passed on to different cats (you’ll want to preserve them faraway from the inflamed cat at some point of the infection).

Cat colds are normally innocent and the symptoms ought to disappear within 10 days or so. however, in case you fail to deal with your cat efficiently, they could develop pneumonia. it is therefore vital to pay close interest in your cat’s condition and to carry them to the vet if there’s no sign of improvement within four or five days. In positive instances, you may want to consult a vet as quickly as you note the symptoms, for example if they appear in a kitten, an aged cat, a girl this is nursing, or a cat that has not been vaccinated against tom cat calcivirus (a form of cat “flu” with comparable symptoms to a cold, but an awful lot more risky).


not like us human beings, cats can’t blow their noses so having a runny nostril can be quite bothersome to mention the least. you could help make your cat feel extra comfy through frequently cleansing their nose with a smooth material or a few cotton wool soaked in lukewarm water. in case your cat’s eyes are watering, you could cleanse them by using applying a saline answer with gauze. It’s also critical to humidify the rooms of your own home/apartment.

if you note that your cat’s nose may be very blocked and that they may be having trouble breathing, leaving them in a completely damp room (as an instance, the rest room after you have taken a warm shower) can help. but the simplest manner to ease this trouble is to perform steam inhalation remedies. put your cat in their transport cage and near the grill. place a bowl of warm water in front of the cage – ask your vet for advice first earlier than adding any unique inhalation products – after which cover the bowl and the cage with a cloth. leave for around 15 mins. you can repeat this treatment two or three instances a day.


n order in your cat to make a fast recovery, you’ll need to make sure they get enough to devour and drink. Their throat can be irritated, however, so it’s advisable to offer them meals that is easy to swallow. Having a blocked nostril also can intervene with their sense of scent; attempt warming up their food barely rapidly in advance to stimulate their appetite.

It’s also essential to make sure that your cat is heat sufficient. add an additional cowl to their mattress or to the spot where they normally relaxation. finally, remedies containing vitamin C or grapefruit seed extract can help increase your cat’s immune device. however remember to constantly are searching for your vet’s advice before giving your cat any medicinal drug and never EVER provide them cold medicinal drug for human use.

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