Get One of The Best Pet X-Ray Services in Lahore


How we define pet X-ray examination? 

X-rays are electromagnetic waves that can blacken an X-ray film. X-ray remains the most commonly used imaging technique in veterinary medicine. Our Pet X-Ray Services in Lahore serve as a screening method for many diseases.

When X-rays penetrate the body, they are partially weakened. The degree of weakening depends on the tissue. Soft tissue such as fat, muscles and skin absorb little radiation. Hard tissue such as bone, on the other hand, absorbs a lot of radiation, little radiation reaches the film.

Digital X-ray is an X-ray procedure in which images are not recorded on X-ray films, but are recorded digitally.

Our Pet X-ray Diagnostic services in Lahore

The X-ray examination allows a good overview of the skeleton and the large body cavities (chest and abdominal organs). Furthermore, we also carry fitness tests for hip dysplasia, as well as for elbow joint dysplasia and long bone fractures.

The imaging diagnostics in dogs and cats summarize examinations that lead to an image of body or organ structures. With this image data, our Pet X-Ray Services in Lahore are able to make precise diagnoses and initiate appropriate therapies.


“For us, each of these examinations is only a step towards the final diagnosis. It is therefore important that we work closely with your veterinarian.”



Portable X-Ray services for Pets

We offer careful preliminary examinations, which are essential for reliable diagnoses and effective therapies. Similarly, our team carries a large number of pet lab test examinations. For instance

  • Organs
  • Joints
  • intestinal passages
  • Heart or tumors.

Our state of the art Pet Portable X-Ray services include contemporary equipment includes a digital X-ray device that guarantees precise imaging and keeps the radiation exposure in a low range.

“We offer X-Ray Service at your doorstep”

Examination of lung and heart diseases

Our Pet X-Ray Services provides a precise look into important organs such as the heart and lungs and their surroundings. If an animal suffers from breathing difficulties, this may be caused by bruised lungs, fractured ribs or fluid in the chest. The possible causes can be quickly identified using X-rays. If a heart disease is suspected, X-rays are used to clarify:

  • Heart valve diseases
  • Heart failure
  • Myocardial inflammation.


We offer the following best pet X-Ray Services in Lahore

  • Better image quality, combined with better diagnostics and less radiation exposure.
  • The number of x-rays required for diagnosis is reduced.
  • Recordings made are immediately visible on the screen
  • The examination times are significantly shorter
  • Since the X-ray images are stored digitally, the pet owner or a veterinarian who receives further treatment can immediately and at any time receive a duplicate or view of the data record.